Blogiversary Uno – Thank you

Once upon a time I watched John Wick. Nobody else had seen it so I couldn’t talk about it. Months later I re-watched it. But still, nobody had seen it.

Now thankfully it gets recognition- and that is the partial aim of this site: to recommend media otherwise unknown to the general audience.

In a year, I have done this with Films, Games, Art, Music, Advertisements and even my own work.

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Blogiversary Uno – Thank you

Awards & Accolades – Funny Bone Fuel and Get to Know Me

I got nominated by Hammy Reviews and Popcorn & Film. Check them out, they’re awesome!

The Liebster is great for promoting smaller sites and networking.

Answer the 11 questions, nominate up to 11 people, blah blah blah.

So beginning with Hammy Reviews‘ questions:

1 – If you could play a character in any movie, who would it be?

In a Star Wars anthology film: Galen Merek or Starkiller in the Force Unleashed movie, which is about Vader’s secret apprentice. Or just John Wick.

2 – Favourite ice cream? Mint or Cookie Dough.

3 – What is the worst movie you have ever seen?



Synopsis: Someone rich dies and their inheritance is given to a dog named “Entertainment”. The dog’s carers try to kill it to inherit the money. Slap stick chaos ensues. Also the main character is getting married because obviously.

There’s a scene where someone yells in emotional trauma “ENTERTAINMENT!!” The film was so bad I did the same thing, Platoon style, screaming for something worthy of describing as entertainment.

4 – Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or PC?

I primarily game on PC, had a PlayStation last gen, an Xbox this gen and think Mario Maker is one of the best games of the last few years.

“Gee, way to pick a side, Prime Six” you scoff.

5 – If you had the choice, would you have the power of telekinesis or telepathy?

Telekinesis because it’s the force.

6 – What do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?

Host a few blogathons (stay tuned for more), make significant progress on my first novel and continue growing the site with original content.

7 – What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you? Someone held the door open for me once.

8 – Which actor/actress would you invite to dinner for one night? Keira Knightley

9 – Have you ever walked out of the cinema? If so, what film was it? I purposefully only watch films I’ll like in the cinema.

10 – Favourite book? 48 Laws of Power is a controversial, thought provoking book. Of Mice and Men is a fictional fave.

11 – A night in by yourself: what do you do? Only two real choices here; games or films. The real question is what game or film, dependant on mood.

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Awards & Accolades – Funny Bone Fuel and Get to Know Me

The Eternal September, The Abundance of Civil War Reviews and Hipsterism

The Eternal September sounds like a romantic novel.

In September of 1993, AOL made the internet a more publicly available service instead of just for college students. As a result, popular forum sites’ user levels increased – and have continued to do so ever since, hence The Eternal September.

Sound familiar?

Let’s briefly look at Snapchat (hey-oo). My friends and I put a lot of thought and effort into making genuinely hilarious pictures that would last for only a moment.

Now however, all you’ll see is some guy doing smoke trick videos and some girl snapping her latest purchase at her restaurant of specific intentional cuisine.


Basically, the guys vape and the girls eat colourful stuff.

Why is this? NO, not why do they vape and eat, I mean:

What happened to Snapchat that caused the quality to decrease so drastically over a few years? Features have only increased allowing for more creativity so it must be the Eternal September effect; the increase of users correlating to a decrease in interesting snaps.

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The Eternal September, The Abundance of Civil War Reviews and Hipsterism

Magic: The Gathering – Custom Card Creations

Any MTG players out there? Being a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh once upon a time, card games have always been fun for me. I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering via the game.

Here’s some of my ideas for custom cards, made using this site. Who else could we make? I’m thinking Mortal Kombat characters next!


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Magic: The Gathering – Custom Card Creations