Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser of 2013

Witcher developers and GOG masterminds, CD Projekt Red, tease their next game.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser of 2013

GTA V is the WORST game!

This is a parody post. Thanks for reading!

Grand Theft Auto V is the worst game in recent memory, full of abhorrent crimes against the player and the industry. Let’s see;

  • No Prone – seriously this game with a budget of $265mil / £170mil doesn’t allow you to hug the floor in the event of, say, a gunfight perhaps?

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GTA V is the WORST game!

Top Weeknd Tracks

Here’s my favourite tracks by The Weeknd

He sings about very dark, unrelatable subjects but is consistent in style and quality – I’d love to see him do more collaborations.

For a similar style in music, check out dynmk.

Some Honourable Mentions:

Firstly, a new release that looks a lot like a PAYDAY vid, False Alarm (if it had been out a little longer it would crack my top 10)

A very standard style Weeknd song, Next

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Top Weeknd Tracks

Genre Grandeur September Finale – Room (2015) – Prime Six

My Review of Room (2015) Hosted by MovieRob

gg-sepFor this month’s final review for Genre Grandeur – Realistic Films, here’s a review of Room (2015) by Prime Six

Thanks again to Prime Six for choosing this month’s interesting and unique genre.

If you missed any of them, here’s a recap:

This month we had 9 reviews for GG:

  1.   Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) – Rob
  2.   Captain Phillips (2013) – SG
  3.   Unbreakable (2000) – Rob
  4.   Down to You (2000) – Ryan
  5.   All is Lost (2013) – Rob
  6.   Stand By Me (1986) – Rob
  7.   Contender, The (2000) – Rob
  8.   Football Factory, The (2004) – Emma
  9.   Room (2015) – Prime Six

Thanks to everyone who participated this month!

In addition, I watched and reviewed 2 additional movies from this genre for my Genre Guesstimation series.   One of them will be now included in my own favorites of the genre.

  1.   *

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Genre Grandeur September Finale – Room (2015) – Prime Six

SJMF: My Picks – Casting Justice League Dark!

My picks for the battles fought in this episode of Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights!

ROUND 1 – What director most owes a personal apology for making a bad movie? 

Although he is a writer, Skip Woods for everything!

ROUND 2 – Cast the Justice League Dark movie. 

Matt Ryan returning as Constantine

Penelope Cruz as Madamme Xanadu


Neal McDonough as Deadman


Lily Collins as Zatanna


And a practical effects/suit Swamp Thing voiced and played by Nicolas Cage

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SJMF: My Picks – Casting Justice League Dark!