Steam Autumn Sale Spoils!

First up from GOG I got my hands on The Witcher 3 GOTY and I cannot wait to lose myself in it:

Saints Row IV just got workshop support so I felt obliged to pick it up with all DLC’s (Also check out my movie casting):

Life is Strange is a game I’ve been wanting to experience for a while- human drama mixed with superpowers in a role play experience sounds amazing:

On a similar theme of role playing, Undertale is a game I know nothing about except that its by all sources a fantastic game:

Infinifactory will be my Portal fix, a first person logic puzzler this is:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will be great for social occasions- a bomb defuser must work with a manual reader to get the job done:

I also got a hold of Tis-100 (programming game) and Volume (stealth game)


Finally in further Bundles of the Humble kind I received The Secret World, Dungeons 2 and Legend of Grimrock 2


What did you get over the Autumn / Black Friday sales? Thanks for stopping by!

Steam Autumn Sale Spoils!

7 thoughts on “Steam Autumn Sale Spoils!

  1. I did a mix of disc and digital. Witcher 3, Skyrim, Diablo III on PS4 physical, Mad Max, Darksiders II, Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris, digital. On Steam, the first three games in that Humble Bundle you got, Shadow of Mordor, a bunch of review codes showed up (there’s actually a RPG based on the TV show Grimm), and I have a huge indie backlog that got added to during all this plus someone I don’t know sent me SOMA as a gift. Yikes.

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      1. Well, I also picked up The Elder Scrolls Online, as the free trial weekend and that under ten buck price was too tempting to pass up. I’ve been soloing that for a bit, but stopped for some Darkstalkers II, Skyrim, Earth’s Dawn and Letter Quest. I have a DVD drive in the laptop and desktop here thanks to a few old games that cab run on W10 that aren’t online.
        Plus on occasion, I’ll pop a DVD in and watch a movie here. I’m not a big streaming fan, lol.

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  2. Nice choices! I’d love to hear what you think of Life is Strange and still thinking about the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for a fun party game with friends. 🙂
    I picked up a few games from Steam: Battleblock Theatre, Kathy Rain, Geometry Dash (full version), The Black Watchmen Season 2 DLC and Mother Russia DLC and Pony Island. Some from Google Play: Lara Croft GO, Monument Valley and Playstation Store: Bound, Mad Max, Batman: Telltale series Season Pass and The Crew: Complete Edition. I don’t think I missed anything. Lots of sweet deals. Its gonna be nice to dive into a lot of gaming!

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