The Best Films I’ve Never Seen

Inspired by emmakwall (do check out her awesome content), here are some films I haven’t seen but every other film buff has!

My terrible reasoning is I’m “saving” them for when I especially feel the desire to watch a 10/10 film or I missed the “moment” to watch it.



Four Lions


Everything Kubrick (Except Full Metal Jacket)

Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards, Kill Bill


The Godfather

Which one do I have to watch right NOW? Thanks for stopping by!

The Best Films I’ve Never Seen

6 thoughts on “The Best Films I’ve Never Seen

  1. Oh, I do my movie life backwards, lol. I tend to fall into films blindly and like or dislike them as opposed to follow them and see them as they come out. All those years of channel-surfing in the pre-cable era never went away. I usually dislike lists, so the ones I do are rare:

    I need to do an updated one as there are way too many discs here in the home library, some of which I haven’t gotten to yet…

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  2. Jackie Brown is timeless. Dr. Strangelove is timely. Pick one of those and whichever you like best, maybe go through each director’s work in any order afterward.

    Frozen you can skip if you don’t like Disney stuff much. Have you only not seen The Godfather out of that trilogy or missed all three? I’d set aside time over a week for those three (although the third is almost a black comedy in a few ways).

    I haven’t seen Four Lions either, but I may at some point. I never knew Superbad was ‘thing’ as I caught it on cable years later and liked it overall.

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