A Review of Inside Out (2015)

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, “What is going on inside their head?” Well, I know.”

Emotions control a person from the inside, causing them to feel certain ways at times.

It’s almost like Star Trek, where the crew are the emotions and the ship is the person.

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A Review of Inside Out (2015)

A Review of Ant-Man (2015)

“The world sure seems different from down here, doesn’t it, Scott?”

Iron Man (2008) is still my favourite Marvel film. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) was the funniest Marvel film, until now. Prior to release I believed Ant-Man would be one of Marvel’s worst outputs considering the backstage issues with Edgar Wright and the concept of the hero. Never have I been so wrong and pleasantly surprised!

Imagine the Quicksilver scene from Days of Future Past. Recall how fun that scene was, now imagine an entire movie just like that, made of course by Marvel. The film is simply fun. The pace is fast, the jokes are in large supply and the star is well cast. I cannot wait for Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang to quip away, along side Tony Stark and eventually Star-Lord.

Michael Pena (who I previously wrote a piece on here) delivers his dialogue perfectly, resulting in many laughs. Michael Douglas was of course very good as well in his role as Hank Pym, Lang’s mentor. Evangeline Lilly is a decent actress but I don’t think she looked right in this movie- It may have been her hair stylist’s fault. Abby Ryder Fortson plays Lang’s daughter and plays her very well for a seven year old.

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A Review of Ant-Man (2015)

A Career – Michael Peña

Michael Pena is an underrated actor that can play a goofy mexican or a no-nonsense soldier. This is a brief look at his career:

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) – A great heist movie in which Pena has a short but memorable scene as a local thug who gets put in his place.

Crash (2004) and Million Dollar Baby (2004) – He appears in both- unfortunately I haven’t seen either of these at the time of writing and so cannot comment on his performance. Vote here if you think I should watch these movies and review them!

Shooter (2007) – Pena provided the comedic relief to Mark Wahlberg’s serious and dangerous character Bob Lee Swagger. Nick Memphis (Michael Pena) is a rookie FBI agent who is clumsy but has a good heart. The film is exciting and Michael Pena is perfect in his role, to this day it is to me his most memorable film.

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A Career – Michael Peña

A Game-play Diary of Battlefield 4 (2013)

Purchased the game for PC, Origin code was emailed to me.

Run Origin, it requires an update, sign in, redeem code and download.

Run game, Battlelog plug-ins required, download and install them.

Launch the test range, fiddle with graphical settings, ultra settings 1080p@50ish fps, impressed. Shoot stuff, test equipment, rebind some keys.

Filter servers by ping, join one, customise kit, spawn.

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A Game-play Diary of Battlefield 4 (2013)